How to host & set up a new show

The “That’s good for Footy” & “Footy Funatics” panel shows are advertised to start at 7.30pm and conclude at 9.00pm with doors opening at 6.00pm  (These times may differ dependent upon the requirements or requests of the the individual venue).

Doors opening at least 1 & 1/2 hrs prior to the shows commencing will give the venue time for meal and seating arrangements to be organised and also allow for late comers to be seated.

"That's Good for Footy" The average panel show runs for approximately 1 & 1/2 hrs.

The requirements for the set up of shows are as follows:

Upon entry a small table with a chair is required for the door girl.

The staging area should be measuring approximately between 6 to 8 metres wide and about 2 metres deep and on a raised platform so people down the back of the room can see comfortably.

The signage for the show will be placed behind the panel, this in the form of a 3m x 2m backdrop.

Upon the stage, The venue should supply 3 tall, bar chairs TGFF brings it's own panel desk and the backdrop banner adorning this. An area of about the length of the stage and 1 metre in front of the stage should be kept clear as this is where contestants will stand when participating in the segments.

Prizes for the segments are supplied by sponsors of the shows and if the venue would like to at any stage add to the prize packs please feel free to advise us prior to the event. The more you can be involved means the more we plug your venue. The prizes can be in the form of whatever you desire, vouchers, gift certificates and at whatever value.

The show comes complete with its own PA system & Production Crew, so if an area of about 1 metre by 2 metres could be set aside, somewhere around the middle of the room preferably, this area will be for the PA & sound desk, if this area allocation could be positioned in close proximity to a power point if possible this would be advantageous.

2 speakers & 2 light stands will also be placed close to or in front of the stage. (Preferable if the older guests are not seated to close to these as the noise from the speakers may be uncomfortable and loud and also as a precaution so they do not trip over any of the speaker or light stands).

Also required is an area where we can place the red carpet for the photo’s this will have a backdrop again measuring 3m x 2m placed behind it, this should be in an area that allows easy access and a thoroughfare, Do not place in an area that will create a bottleneck.

Food for the shows again is up to each venue to cater for, but it would be recommended to have a Parma, Fish and Chips or Roast of the Day or your typical Ala carte type menu. (The panelists may choose to have a meal or a drink and this should be available to them free of charge, no meals for the Wednesday night shows, only the Friday shows).

The seating arrangements for the venue should be if possible: tables set up in either settings of 2-4 at the front 6- 8 or 10 per table in the next section of the room, then settings again of 2-4 in the middle of the room behind this larger tables again for possible group bookings and working your way out to smaller table settings until you have tall bar tables for those not eating but wanting to stand around and have a drink at the rear.

The more effort that each venue goes too, to make the atmosphere warm, inviting & vibrant the better appeal it will have for the patron.

If any venues want to have the images of the TGFF promotional material running through TV monitors throughout the venue please again let me know and I will send these to you in either Jpeg or PDF format.

If staff choose to wear their favourite teams colours on the day or night,  or want to decorate the room with streamers or balloons that is up to each individual venue, but obviously it is highly recommended.

The shows run for 1 & 1/2 hours and I will make them as entertaining as possible, If there is anything any venue requires PLEASE let me know in advance so I can try and cater for those requests.

Be proactive get in contact with members, social & sporting clubs, Footy clubs, local businesses tell everybody. REMEMBER the proceeds from the Door, Bar & Kitchen remain with the venue, and it’s your reputation on the line, So make it work.

BrokerrocheR will be conducting a raffle on the night this has nothing to do with the venue but if the venue chooses to run its own raffle we are happy to draw the winner out on the night.

Raffle: 1st prize is a Signed & Framed AFL team photo, 2nd prize is a $100 team themed hamper, 3rd prize is a signed TGFF game size football, 3rd & 4th prizes are kid size footballs. Tickets are $2 ea or 6 for $10 the draw will take place in the second half of the show

We will have memorabilia on hand as part of the show and we will facilitate the sale of this via a LIVE auction, The proceeds from the sale of these auction items remains with TGFF.

Each venue will receive either a JPG or PDF image of the poster promoting the show in advance of the show . . . .

•    Minimum 6 weeks pre- promote “Appearing Here soon”.
•    Minimum 4 weeks promoting “who will actually be appearing on that show”.

I have a registered database of everyone whom has attend all the shows via the registration process, from this database I can send out an SMS pertaining to upcoming shows thus allowing for greater awareness of the shows, this database as of October 2019 stands at 13,476 members.

These are people who wish to be kept informed of upcoming shows, venue dates & locations. This upon request can be sent out the week preceding each weeks show but only if requested by the venue, please note though that there is a charge associated with sending out this SMS.(this can be discussed and implemented with each individual venue at the time of that venues show)

The biggest concern for venues is audience numbers and I understand that the venue needs to make monies from the event, so this is why I encourage venues to stipulate that bookings for the shows are essential even though I stress this in every piece of marketing material I put out into market, It is up to each individual venue as to what dollar figure  they put on the door. Be it Dinner & Show or just Dinner. We can advise as we understand each venue will have it's own special requirements.

You know your patrons and venue better than we do, So this part of the process is up to you.

The idea is basically to entice people to want to come along, if you offer meals & drinks as a package this is advantageous, or maybe you just want them in the door and making monies over the bar, again this is up to each individual venue, each venue has its own formula and what works best for them.

Other ideas for marketing the shows are Flyers I can send each venue a copy of the artwork for the posters promoting “Appearing at your venue” and you can distribute these however you see fit, letterbox drops, local businesses, under windscreen wipers in the car parks etc etc...if you need them, again just let me know.

It is obviously also encouraged that the venue send out emails, faxes or text messages to members to make them aware of when, who and where the show is going to be on.
Some venues are linked to social media networking sites, like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, this is also an excellent way to let people know about the show.

PLEASE get in touch with your Local Football, Basketball and sporting clubs, the wider community, local businesses, real estate agencies, the local government, trades people, building sites, shop owners, banks, the success of the shows is dependent upon each venue operator being as proactive as possible.

My website or is also available to promote the shows here they can also find out about the venue dates and locations of upcoming shows. The best form of promoting the shows from my end is through the That’s Good for Footy Facebook page, we continually post on  this page giving regular updates of everything TGFF related.

All the shows can also be viewed on as well, people can subscribe to the"That’s good for footy" page.

If YOU need any assistance with helping to promote the shows, PLEASE let me know, the members of your clubs or venues will love the shows and will want to see them again and again. But in order for you to accommodate the members they need to support you.
So let’s make the shows a success, I will do my part by bringing you the entertainment, if you could do yours by filling the joint (from your end), remember you are the ones who make the money if you promote, support and present it correctly.

If you require anything else at all, then please go to the contact me page on the TGFF website homepage.

Thank you and I look forward to bringing either the “That’s good for Footy” or “Footy Funatics” shows to your venue.