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Welcome to That's Good For Footy

That's Good for Footy & BrokerrocheR present Footy Funatics. Footy Funatics is a LIVE AFL based Footy panel show.

The show is recorded in front of a LIVE audience, every Wednesday evening at 7.30pm from venues all across Melbourne. 2 current day players are present at every show from the respective club appearing on the night, It is an AFL Clubed themed night.

We discuss a little bit of Footy & a little bit of general trivia and we get to go behind the scenes with the players, We ask them in depth & shallow questions about themselves and how they see footy & life in general, We then we ask them what they know about Footy & life in general and at the same time we get YOU involved, this way we get to see how much you know about Footy as well.

It is a totally LIVE, RAW & INTERACTIVE experience.

The shows were developed to give the fans & supporters of this great game the opportunity to have a bit of fun. We also give the fans & supporters the opportunity to get a photo and autograph with the players on the red carpet.

The shows are hosted by Damian Rocher, Producer/ Director /Presenter & founder of the shows.

The venues whom host these shows provide meals, drinks & seating, so it really is LIVE intimate & exclusive entertainment in a social atmosphere.

You can purchase your tickets to any one of the "Footy Funatics" nights whilst being entertained by the panel you can also enjoy a meal from the venues kitchen, or grab a drink from their bar.

Tickets can be purchased by simply going to www.thatsgoodforfooty.com.au/tickets/ and follow the instructions, bring your confirmation with you on the night and present it at the door upon your arrival.

Admission fees to shows outside of the Home & Away season are handled by the individual venues handling those events. During the Home & Away season ticketing is handled by That's Good for Footy and is run through the ticketing box office on the website. Click on the $ tab for that show when looking at the shows schedule in the show line up section under Footy Funatics.

The shows run for approx 1 & ½ hours and are thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.

There is Memorabilia for sale on the night and we run a raffle with 1st 2nd & 3rd prizes up for grabs, 1st Prize is a Team themed signed Photo, 2nd Prize is a signed Mitchell TGFFootball, 3rd Prize is a Team themed Hawaiian club shirt. Plus there is a trivia segment, Club theme song singalongs, merchandise packs to be given away and plenty more entertainment, This is why it is called That's Good for Footy "Footy FUNatics".

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